The Bible refers to Jesus sanctifying and cleansing His church by the washing of water by the word (Ephesians 5:26), and that is why Carol Eskaros’s podcast is called “Rinse and Repeat.”  Every day the church, Christ’s bride, is to come to God and to His Word for that daily washing.  With the podcast, Carol delves deeply into passages of Scripture and seeks God for direction on applying Bible passages to daily life.

God’s Word is living and powerful, and it discerns the thoughts and intents of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12).  Carol has prepared Bible reading plans on a variety of subjects, designed to help believers explore the powerful truths of God’s Word.  These reading plans are available on the YouVersion Bible app and on bible.com.

One-minute messages that give you the Word, as heard on Rinse and Repeat!

Links and downloads! Reading plans and books! Things that Carol has been encouraged by and benefitted from!

Exciting!  Rinse and Repeat is now on the air in the San Francisco Bay area on 96.9 Kept FM on Sundays at 2pm! 

Join me as special guest Asia Eskaros shares about reaching the unreached. 

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