Rinse and Repeat launched as a podcast in September 2021 and as a radio program in August 2022.

Exciting!!  Rinse and Repeat is now airing in the San Fransisco Bay Area on 96.9 Kept FM in San Fransisco Bay Area on Sundays at 2pm.
Check it out on keptfm.com

Rinse and Repeat is now airing on The Way Radio in Kingman, AZ on Saturdays at 8:30am and Sundays at 9:00pm!!
Check out The Way Radio!

Rinse and Repeat is on HOPE fm!
Join Carol every Saturday and Sunday at 11:30am.
Click on the icon to listen in!

Rinse and Repeat is currently heard on Saturdays at 11am and 10pm, and on Sundays at 4am and 3pm on TrueFM 100.9 in Wichita, Kansas!!!
Click here to listen to TrueFM LIVE online.

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